• CBD Tincture

    CBD Tincture

    CBD Tincture "no high" CBD extract has many therapeutic benefits… Enjoy our premier industrial hemp tinctures in various flavors.
  • CBD Topicals

    CBD Topicals

    Our natural Topicals like CBD Lotion is fragrance-free and feels great! and our CBD Icy Spray is great for sore muscles.
  • CBD Chocolate

    CBD Chocolate

    High Times Cannabis Cup Award Winning Hemp CBD Chocolates that are out of this world…
  • Pet Health CBD

    Pet Health CBD

    Our CBD Pet Tincture is back and available for your favorite pets needing comfort and relief. Now with an easy dosing dropper.
  • Hemp Soda

    Hemp Soda

    CBD Hemp Soda is a game changer in every way. With bold, exotic flavors that you’ve never seen (or tried)!
  • CBD Syrup

    CBD Syrup

    Our CBD Syrups deliver the comfort and relief during the night that you'll need to get rolling in the morning!
  • Hemp CBD Water

    Hemp CBD Water

    Nutritional science meets hydration nano-technology in our CBDifferent™ Hemp Infused Water.
  • Hemp Hard Candy

    Hemp Hard Candy

    Who doesn’t like a piece of hard candy? Your senses will be delighted when eating a CBD Hemp Hard Candy.
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