Where does our hemp come from and how is it grown?

Our hemp comes exclusively from family farms that practice sustainable techniques, providing us with the highest quality product available while being as kind to the earth as possible. Despite lacking an official stamp confirming it’s “organic” nature (which currently doesn’t exist for hemp), there are no pesticides, herbicides, or inorganic fertilizers used in the production of our hemp.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Although hemp shares the same species categorization as marijuana, Cannabis sativa L, and both plants can possess CBD, the two different varieties bring very different effects to the user and should not be mistaken as one in the same. Our CBD products are derived entirely from industrial hemp, are 100% legal in all 50 U.S. states, and contain no THC, the psychotropic agent in marijuana, giving you all the health benefits of CBD while leaving your mental and physical abilities untouched.

Will Cannabinoid Creations CBD products make me feel “high”?

No. Hemp, on average, contains less than 0.3% THC naturally, and upon additional refinement, this percentage decreases even further. THC is the psychotropic agent found in marijuana that creates the “high” effect, but again, our CBD products come from industrial hemp, and NOT from marijuana.

Why can’t you grow hemp in the U.S.?

Being hemp can contain trace amounts of THC, and is a close relative of marijuana, it has been (based upon economic and industrial opinion) horribly misclassified as an illegal crop. Hemp has been illegal to grow in the U.S. since 1937, minus a brief period during WWII. Due to its extremely dynamic nature, hemp faces many political foes, including, but not limited to, the cotton industry, the wood based paper industry, the oil and gas industry, and the cement industry.

Will Cannabinoid Creations CBD work for me?

As with any substance that is new for an individual, there is no way to positively predict how it will affect you personally until you undergo a trial period with the product. Although Cannabinoid Creations cannot offer medical advice or make medical claims, industry findings have been providing overwhelming evidence in regard to the healthful properties of incorporating CBD into an individual’s daily routine. With wellness at the heart of our business model, we give you our promise to continue developing and supplying the best Cannabidiol products available, providing you the solutions to take your life back.

Why are CBD products so expensive?

The unfortunate reality is that our products are rather expensive for the average individual, but we at Cannabinoid Creations assure you that it isn’t for poor reason. Being the hemp industry is still in an “infant-esque” state due to political absurdity, there is yet to be enough money invested to bring costs significantly down. The truth of the matter is that quality products cost money, and here at Cannabinoid Creations, we’ve designed our product line without cutting a single corner – attempting to bring you not only the best products, but the best bang for your buck.

Are all Cannabinoid Creations products lab tested?

Yes. Every Cannabinoid Creations CBD product is tested from beginning to end; subjects from each batch are removed and sent to independent labs for exhaustive testing. The results for each batch are posted to our website and you can individually match your batch number (found on product) with the batch number online for the full list of details.

Where are Cannabinoid Creations products made?

Cannabinoid Creations is based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. We strive to collaborate with as many locally sourced companies as possible as part of our commitment to our community and country.

How long do orders take to process and ship?

Orders are always processed and shipped within 4 business days time. Any change in timeline will result in immediate notification.

Can Cannabinoid Creations ship internationally?

Not at this time.

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