Laboratory Testing

Product quality is more than a focus at Cannabinoid Creations, it’s an obsession.  Our customers enjoy our CBD infused product with the confidence that they are getting the exact dosage listed on the package, and nothing but.  

You don’t have to take our word for it.  Each of our formulations is independently tested at the nation’s premier medicinal and recreational cannabis testing laboratory.  High performance liquid chromatography analysis confirms that CBD content is at targeted levels and THC below the government mandated limits delivering all of the benefits and none of the high.  In addition, each product is screened for harmful contaminants including pesticides, fungicides, yeast, mold, bacteria and other biologicals.  

Here are the laboratory testing results for our products:

Cannabinoid Creations CBD Tinctures and Oils

Cannabinoid Creations – CBD Unflavored Tincture 100mg – 9-26-2019
Cannabinoid Creations – CBD Unflavored Tincture 500mg – 9-26-2019
Cannabinoid Creations – CBD Unflavored Tincture 1500mg – 9-26-2019

Cannabinoid Creations CBD Topicals

CBD Icy Spray – 6-28-2019
CBD Unscented Lotion 2oz – 6-28-2019
CBD Unscented Lotion 8oz – 6-28-2019

Cannabinoid Creations CBD Syrup

CBD Syrup PM Grape – 1-29-19

Cannabinoid Creations CBD Water

CBDifferent Water – 8-15-2019

Cannabinoid Creations CBD Soda

Cannabinoid Creations – Orange Cream Soda – 1-17-19
Cannabinoid Creations – Ginger Ale CBD Soda – 1-17-2019
Cannabinoid Creations – Grape Limeade CBD Soda – 1-17-2019
Cannabinoid Creations – Honeydew Melon CBD Soda – 1-17-2019

Cannabinoid Creations CBD for Pets

Cannabinoid Creations – Small Pet CBD – 9-26-2019
Cannabinoid Creations – Medium Pet CBD – 9-26-2019
Cannabinoid Creations – Large Pet CBD – 9-26-2019


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